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Meet Tracey East of Abbey Hill Design

When I first met Tracey it was in store January 2019 . She was dropping off her first small batch of artistic peices and I immediately noticed her friendly energy and modest demeanour. My impression was that she was a die-hard , self made creator who’s passion had taken her to the intricate levels of textile making. It was only after I had asked Tracey for a artisan bio that I learned how deep her learning, experience and life time commitment to her art was. I was then struck by the example of grace and humility that surrounded Tracey’s view of art and her artwork itself. This is a look into Tracey East and her creative business.

Tracy is the designer and maker behind Abbey Hill Design. She is primarily a textile artist, although she also works in leather, metal and glass. For the first years of her career she achieved a degree in Apparel Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. She then owned a design business in NYC and Washington DC for twenty years, designing eveningwear and custom apparel for diplomats, before coming home to Canada and concentrating on creating the textiles themselves.

Presently, Tracey is also a Army Reservist , which as she put it,“creates a really interesting mix of inspiration!” Tracey is most inspired by natural materials like wool, silk and leather, using motifs from the North such as leaves and pine trees, then layering more delicate details such as glass beads or hand-stitched embroidery.

When ask what she hoped to have her work inspire in others; Tracey says: “I hope my work inspires a feeling of calm and serenity, and is viewed as unique or different from the constant push of what is ‘fashionable’.” Tracey also hopes her work inspires appreciation for makers across Canada who are creating what they love, every day.

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Tracey East

Abbey Hill Design

A glimps of Tracey’s Creative space: Woven Scarves-to-be.

Scarves Woven by Tracey East

Leather Note Books Designed and created by Tracey East

Leather keychain tassels design and created by Tracey East

Hand painted textiles by Tracey East

Hand painted silk scarves by Tracey East

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