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Meet Anne Seck of Seasonal Sketches

When I first moved to Deep River 15 years ago, one of the first things that became pleasantly familiar to me was a little blue house on my street. It had a painted mural on the front, a garden filled with wildflowers and quirky sculptures thoughout. I was always curious and genuinely wanted to meet the person who lived there. Our first year in town, although the scenery was amazing and seasons breath taking, we were a little concerned about the small community we had moved our young family into ....Our initial Halloween didn’t seem to show itself at all in the quiet neighbourhood. No lights or decorations up. Barely a pumpkin on the steps of the majority of the houses. Doors not being answered and a handout of what was obviously last years half packaged candy in my little girl‘s bag! The saving grace however happened when we got to the house at the end of the street. There was Anne with a tray of handmade clay ghosts, welcoming little ones and handing out this unique Halloween treat, of which 15 years later is still hanging on my daughter‘s door! I had finally got to meet the lady in the little blue house and she had just made my tiny little one’s first memorable Halloween!

After that, the only time we seemed to have from our career travels, was to get to know the community through the people we saw regularly around town. I often recognized Anne walking everywhere she went with her dog. What struck me was that no matter what the weather she always wore a long artful skirt. Whenever I saw Anne, even though I didn’t know her, I can honestly say I always felt a sense of home and groundedness. Years later as I made plans to open our little riverside shop, I was delighted to meet finally meet Anne face to face and learn more about the wonderful artist she is and how fearlessly she lived life on her own terms. We are blessed to have Anne’s work apart of River Town Creative, and this is her story...

Anne grew up in England, drawing on every scrap of paper that she could find in post-war London.  She arrived in Canada in 1967 and came to Deep River with her small son a few years later. As she puts it, “... it was the best decision l ever made!“

The landscape and the small community captivated Anne, and she joined the Deep River’s Potter's Guild. She made functional pots and after a series of odd jobs was able to turn her art into a full time career that sustained her for 25 years. Her creative spirit lived on after her retirement and she took painting lessons from local artist Olga Nazarkina as a new challenge following the death of her partner, Gil. As a potter, the surface decoration of her pots was derived from the colours and forms of the local landscape; and in painting, she continues this theme. Giving credit to some of her excellent teachers, Anne has found that she enjoys the balance between control and freedom through watercolour painting and has loved the art ever since. Always inspired by the ever changing scenery in her town as it cycles through the seasons and in a turbulent world Anne hopes any viewer of her art discovers the sense of peace and magic that she finds and loves in nature .

Anne ensures that all proceeds from her sales are donated to North Renfrew Family Services.

( SIDE NOTE: a short few years later Halloween’s have definitely become more colourful in town. No doubt to a few more kindred spirits ignited in the neighbourhood!)

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